Wärme durch ein Klick, Instant wiederverwendbarer wärmer für Shulter und Nacken – VERSCHIEDENE FARBEN

The 'heat-in-a-click' pad provides instant, portable and re-usable heat and is easy to use - Can be used again and again - Great for sports, camping, fishing & the outdoors. Just a simple click of a button and the temperature soars up to 54C - Safe and non-toxic contains a safe food grade salt - The heat produced by the innovative use of the salt based solution, Sodium Acetate.

It will not scold the skin - completely portable - use it anywhere - these instant heat pads are the next generation of hot water bottles;Gives instant heat at the click of a button - Excellent stress reliever therapeutic - tor aches and pains - Ideal for the relief of muscle and joint pain, allowing heat to penetrate problem areas such as the neck, lower back and sports injuries.

Available in different sizes and shapes for different uses - Re-usable thousands of times. Heat in a click Neck & Shoulder Warmer.

Aidapt VM723B Heizkissen Kit für Rücken

Dünnes, flexibles Heizkissen passt in Ihre Tasche oder Handtasche. Bietet wärme für bis zu 2 stunden bis zu 54° C / 130° F. Umweltfreundliches, wiederverwendbares Design. Großartig für Rehabilitation und Sportverletzungen. Pure-fit back heat Pad Kit Sofortwärme mit nur einem Klick.