Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Aloe Fresh 100ml

Vaseline 919350 - Protects against dry, cracked skin and helps to heal minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Can lock in moisture and speed up your skin's natural recovery. Like all other vaseline petroleum jelly products, it has been triple purified to ensure the highest possible quality. Vaseline petroleum jelly aloe Fresh is a unique light, fast-absorbing jelly that keeps your skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day long.

It will not block your pores. Vaseline. Not only is it non-greasy, but it is also incredibly gentle on your skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic i. E.

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Vaseline Blueseal Rich Conditioning Jelly Cocoa Butter New 100ml

Vaseline - Vaseline petroleum jelly has long been used to help heal dry skin and is effective at locking in moisture. Cocoa Butter. Rich Conditioning Jelly. Its moisturizing formula of petroleum jelly infused with cocoa butter works to help heal dull, dry skin and give skin a radiant, healthier look. Blueseal. Our vaseline jelly cocoa butter combines the healing benefits of Vaseline Jelly, with cocoa butter, which is known to nourish your skin Vaseline.

Vaseline jelly Cocoa Butter is packed full of skin nourishing benefits. New 100ml.

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